St. Patrick’s Day Piano Games Mega Bundle 50% Off


St. Patrick’s Day themed piano resources to help your beginning piano students.

Are you looking for St. Patrick’s Day themed piano resources to help your beginning piano students master keyboard geography, note values, C position staff reading, G position staff reading, dynamics, and terms?

These St. Patrick’s piano games mega value pack is a fun and engaging piano resource used to reinforce multiple teaching concepts for beginning piano students and may be just the resource you need.

I created these piano games to be MORE than just a simple St. Patrick’s Day worksheet. I created these games to bring joy to your music studio.

Your students will:

  • Jump with joy as they beat their teacher in one of the 5 games.

  • Keyboard Geography will have students racing around the game board as they reinforce keyboard geography.

  • Will your students be able to get to the gold with C position or G position note reading?

  • Clap or tap basic rhythms and race to the gold while reviewing basic rhythms.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Terms is the hardest game of the pack but students will love making it to the end of the game board after recalling terminology.

These beginner piano games can be completed in the last 5 minutes of the lesson.

What age/levels is this resource perfect for?

  • 4 years-12 years

What is included?

  •  5 Beginner Piano Games

  •  Each Game Includes Directions

  •  Practice Punch Cards

By purchasing this bundle, you save 50%, if you were to purchase these games separately.

For more information on each specific game, check out the listings below.

BONUS: St. Patrick’s Day Practice Cards

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