Hey music educator,

I see you.  You are passionate when it comes to teaching music but running a business isn’t your forte. 

You spend your afternoons and evenings teaching (attempting virtual learning and trying to keep up with students changing schedules, you track down parents to collect payments because yet again, they haven’t paid for the lesson) but with only so many hours in your day, you feel exhausted.  You worry about your income over the summer months.  And you worry about how you will pay the bills if you or your students get sick.   

Maybe you have studio families who aren’t respecting your time or your talents.  

If you were really honest with yourself,  you feel like your days just come and go and you are on the constant grind just getting through your days.


I’m Tara and I understand the overwhelm and stress of learning how to run an education business.  I know what it’s like just getting by and working multiple jobs just so you can continue to teach music. 

Today, I have systems in place that allow me to follow my dreams.  I manage multiple multi-teacher/instrument studios, I help over 20,000 teachers from all over the world as I run TopMusicMarketplace for Tim Topham, and I would love to help you live your dream (it’s something we all deserve). 

Today, I guide other music educators to put systems in place so they can feel confident, less overwhelmed, and live the life they love.

Are you ready to create a business that you love?  Attract students who respect your time and your talents? A business that lets you rest easy at night.  

If that’s a “heck yea!”, contact us today.  We will work together to create a thriving business you love.

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