St. Patrick’s Day G Position Note Recognition Board Game


This is a beginner piano board game for piano students to reinforce G Position note reading.

This beginner piano board game is designed for piano students who need reinforcement on G Position note reading.

This simple and fun printable piano resource will assist your students in mastering note reading in G Position.

This is a studio favorite for my beginning piano students. They love trying to beat their teacher as they race to win the pot of gold.

Students need to be careful when drawing from the deck because they may land on a bonus card that makes them switch positions with their opponent.

This game can be played in the last few minutes of the lesson.

This game is suitable for group piano classes.

This resource includes:

  • 2 game boards (One that is more printer-friendly)

  • 30 Note Cards

  • 2 Bonus Cards

  • Instruction Sheet

  • Optional Card Backing

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