Ostrich Race Keyboard Geography 3-in-1 Game


This is a 3-in-1 beginner piano board game that is designed for piano students who need reinforcement on keyboard geography.

Did you know ostrich racing actually exist?!

Let me tell you a secret… I actually own an ostrich farm and it all started because I wanted to race an ostrich!

Ostriches are a pretty big deal in my music studio and so is this game!

I can’t let my students ride my ostriches but I can let them race to the top of the piano!

With Ostrich Race you can play three different games!

  1. Ostrich Stakes: Start at one end of the piano and race to the top by drawing a card and moving to that note.  Watch out, you may draw a card to switch places with an opponent!
  2. Ostrich Derby: It’s all about beating your best time (or you could always hold a studio wide competition).
  3. Ostrich Cup: Play this game like go fish. (My studio yells out Kahoot!!! which is one of my ostriches)

Your download will include instructions for all three games, 64 playing cards (28 letters, 28 notes on the keyboard, 8 bonus cards (use these cards in Ostrich Stakes).  I’ve also included a sticker sheet so you can print your own stickers (a link is provided for you to purchase blank stickers), and a photo prop.


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