Squawking Chicken Rhythm Game – Level 1


This is a rhythm game for beginner piano students to help them master reading and playing rhythms.

Are you looking for a rhythm game for beginner piano students to help them master reading and playing rhythms?

This rhythm game is a fun and engaging piano resource used to reinforce rhythms found in the Piano Pronto Books (but can be used with any beginning piano method book series)  and may be just the piano activity you need.

One of the truths about learning how to play rhythms is it can be quite challenging to play them in time.  This game will allow students to get off the bench and feel the rhythms they are clapping.

The best part, you can use a metronome with this game (but it is not required)! (There is an app called Petronome that has a chicken keeping a beat)

I created this rhythm card game to be MORE than just simply clapping the rhythms.  I designed this game to be engaging for energetic students who love to move.

Your students will:

  •  Jump with joy as they pick their card and find a rhythm on the other side.  They then have to master the rhythm in order to keep the card.

  • If they find the chicken card, they will be happy little campers because they get to squeak the chicken!!!! (This is a HUGE highlight of the game and you won’t want to leave this out!

This beginner rhythm card game can be completed in the last 5 minutes of the lesson.

Materials Needed:

  • Rhythm Cards

  • Rubber Chicken (There are free rubber chicken apps too!)

I’ve had students as young as 4 play this game!

The goal is to have more rhythm cards in your hand at the end of the game than your opponent.  Watch out for the chicken cards, if you draw a chicken card, you have to discard all of your cards and start back at zero.

“This is awesome! I have several students in the PP Prelude book right now, so this is a great game! (really for any music student using RHYTHM!)”- Julie Duda, Owner of Julie Duda Music School

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Squawking Rhythm Game- Value Pack

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