Rhythm Bundle (Pirate Themed)


Are you wanting to reinforce your beginner students’ knowledge and understanding of rhythms, note values, and time signatures?
Check out this bundle of pirate themed rhythm games and puzzle worksheets!

‘Captain Scatterbrain’ puzzle worksheets
Help the pirates figure out where the treasure is buried!
The four pirates all think they know where the treasure is buried, but only one of them is right.
Each worksheet will reveal an incorrect pirate – after completing all three sheets you will know which pirate is correct!

Worksheets include: identifying the value of notes and rests, treble clef and bass clef note recognition, clapping rhythms and pairing them to words and phrases 

– ‘Time for Treasure’ game
The gold coins need to be shared out among crewmates, but they can only collect their treasure when they have the right amount of beats for a bar in their time signature.
The player who collects the most treasure chests is the winner!

‘Race to Treasure Island’ game
Which pirate will be the first to reach Treasure Island? Navigate your way through the sea, answering either note value cards or missing number time signature cards to know how many spaces to sail.

‘Parrot Rhythms’ game
The parrots have a matching game for you – see if you can pair up the rhythms to the pirate words and phrases. The player with the most pairs at the end, wins!

– Notes and Rests Info Sheet
Colourful sheet with helpful information about note and rest symbols, names, and values (American and English terminology included)

The types of notes and rests included are:
Semibreves & semibreve rests (whole notes & whole rests)
Dotted minims (dotted half notes)
Minims & minim rests (half notes & half rests)
Crotchets & crotchet rests (quarter notes & quarter rests)
2 quavers (2 eighth notes)
4 semiquavers (4 sixteenth notes)

The time signatures included:

(The reason behind these choices are simply because these are what my students needed to practice!)


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