Donut Worry! | Note Recognition Game


Do you want to test your beginner students’ note recognition skills in a colourful and tasty way? Check out ‘Donut Worry’!


Welcome to Donut Worry, the best Donut Shop in town!
By identifying notes (piano notes, treble clef notes, and/or bass clef notes) players compete to see who can fill their shelves up with donuts the quickest! 


  • Instructions for How To Play Donut Worry
  • Four colourful boards (this game is suitable for up to four players)
  • 32 donut tokens (eight per board) 
  • 14 piano note recognition question cards 
  • Eight treble clef note recognition question cards (middle C up to high C) 
  • Eight bass clef note recognition question cards (middle C down to the C an octave below)


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