Chef Rescue Bundle | Music Escape Room, 4 Games, 4 Worksheets


Are you looking for fun music theory activities for your beginner / late beginner students? Do your students *love* food? Check out ‘Chef Rescue’!

Are you looking for fun music theory activities for your beginner / late beginner students? Do your students *love* food? Check out ‘Chef Rescue’! 



Chef Rescue is a digital download that includes:

  • Music Escape Room Puzzle ‘Chef Rescue’ (with info sheet for teacher and answer sheets) 
  • 4 Food themed music games
  • 4 Food themed music worksheets
  • Food themed composition activity
  • Food themed playing pieces
  • Colouring In Incentive Sheet 



The owner of a local cafe has reached out – his chef has just discoverd the secret ingredient and can turn any food into the Best Food Ever. The chef has been KIDNAPPED by an evil villain who is trying to steal the secret ingredient, and it’s up to you to rescue the chef! 


These four music theory puzzles will help you work out the name of evil villain, and more importantly the whereabouts of the chef.


Music Theory Includes:

– Note reading (Treble Clef and Bass Clef) 

– Basic musical symbols

– Note values



  • Donut Worry(Tests students’ note recognition skills – Piano notes, treble clef, bass clef) 
    Welcome to ‘Donut Worry’ the donut shop! Whoever fills up their shelf with their eight donuts first is the winner! 
  • Gimme Pizza(Tests students’ knowledge of note values and finger numbers)
    It’s time for pizza! The player with the most slices of pizza at the end of the game is the winner – but watch out for the cheeky puppy who will steal your pizza!
  • Rhythm Soup(Tests students’ ability to pair rhythms with phrases) 
    Let’s make soup! First player who fills their soup pan up with vegetables is the winner (There are several ways you can use this game – all included in the instructions)
  • Lettuce Make A Salad(Tests students’ knowledge of note values) 
    We’re feeling a bit peckish, so let’s make a salad! First player to reach the salad bowl is the winner!



  • ‘Grocery Shopping’ puts the students’ note recognition skills to the test as they work out the items on the chef’s shopping list 
  • ‘Order Up’ sees students using their knowledge of finger numbers, note values, and piano notes to work out who ordered which meal
  • ‘Spaghetti Giraffes’ tests students’ knowledge to work out the names of the spaghetti eating giraffes
  • ‘Cookie Decorating’ sees students using their knowledge of note and rest values to add the correct number of sprinkles onto cookies 



  • Composition activity where students compose a food themed song by adding notes to the food rhythms 



  • Seven cute and colourful food themed playing pieces you can print and fold ready to use in games 



  • Students are given a sheet of food pictures. Teachers decide on the rules for when students are allowed to colour in a food (for exmaple, they can colour in a food each time they complete a puzzle, complete a worksheet, show that they’ve been practicing, behave well in their lesson – the rules can be tailored to suit individual students) 


  • There’s no set-in-stone way of using this activity pack – every teacher and their studio is unique and I embrace that! I’ve included a sheet outlining how I personally used Chef Rescue in my studio – hopefully you’ll be inspired by my usage! If you want more suggestions or inspiration as to how you could use them with your studio set up, don’t hesitate to send me a message! 


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