Halloween 2023 Chord Bundle


Get into the Halloween spirit with our 2023 Chord Bundle! Spooky fun while mastering chords and inversions. Perfect for music lessons

Introducing our spine-tingling Halloween 2023 Chord Bundle, designed to add a thrilling twist to your music lessons!

šŸŽƒšŸ‘» This hauntingly exciting chord game offers not one, not two, but three spooktacular versions that will keep your students engaged and learning while having a ghostly good time. šŸŽ¶šŸ‘¾

Perfect for multi-level group lessons, sibling playtime, or even as a fun challenge for your students to test their skills against you in private lessons. šŸ§›ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ¦‡

With this bundle, you’ll receive three PDFs, each featuring a unique game that will have your students mastering chords and inversions like never before. šŸŽ®šŸ“š

šŸ‘» Ghostly Chord Quest: Can your students correctly identify C, Cm, F, Fm, G, Gm, A, and Am chords on the keyboard? This game comes with 24 spine-tingling playing cards.

šŸŽƒ Cursed Chord Conundrum: Reinforce I, IV, V, and vi chords in C, G, D, and F. A devilishly delightful challenge!

šŸ¦‡ Chord Inversion Haunt: Dive into the eerie world of chord inversions with C, F, G, and Am chords. A real musical thrill!

But beware! If your students can identify the chord correctly, they must roll the die and hope they don’t land on the “return to start” spots on the board. If they’re lucky, they’ll get a chance to take an extra turn or move forward two spaces, adding an element of suspense and excitement to every game.

Each game in this bundle includes 32 chilling playing cards (unless stated otherwise), two hauntingly detailed game boards, and comprehensive directions on how to play. šŸŽƒšŸŽ¶

Get ready to make this Halloween season a harmonious and educational delight for your students. Don’t miss out on this fangtastic chord bundle that will have them eager to sink their teeth into learning! šŸ¦‡šŸŽ¶

This resource includes:Ā 

  • 3 chord games
  • 2- 1-page game boards
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Optional Card Backing

Note: You will need one die to play this game.

Iā€™m so glad you stopped by my store and checked out this resource! Visit my storeĀ 

Ā ā¤ļø Tara Wright, Melodic Mentors


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