Tall Dinos, Snoring Dinos | Bass Clef Note Reading Game


Do you want your students to practice their bass clef note reading in a cute and funny way? Check out ‘Tall Dinos, Snoring Dinos’!

I’m sure we all have those students who groan at the mention of bass clef, but sometimes these students can be encouraged by funny dinosaurs!

Players race around the board by identifying bass clef notes to know which space to move to. 

If a player lands on the botton of a tall dinosaur, they move up to his head to the higher space. But if they land at the top of a sleeping dinosaurs ‘Zzz’s, they move down and join the sleeping dinosaur.  First to the cool dinosaur is the winner! 


  • Instructions for How To Play ‘Tall Dinos, Snoring Dinos’ 
  • Colourful board 
  • 13 bass clef note recognition cards 
  • Two dinosaur tokens to print, cut, and fold 



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