Space Flight – Key Signature Board Game


This is a key signature board game that will help piano students master key signature recognition.

This key signature board game will help piano students master key signature recognition. Students will travel through space while answering what key signature is written on the card.

With this key signature board game, you can customize the deck to fit your students’ needs.

  • For beginners, print extra decks and only select a few keys that they are studying.

  • For intermediates, pick all flat keys or all sharp keys.

  • For advanced students, stack the deck with flats and sharps.

Bonus: Instead of asking your students what major key is written on the card, ask them what minor key it is!

This game is a digital download. You will receive a 17-page pdf that includes an instruction sheet, 45 key signature cards, 3 bonus gameplay cards, optional printable backing, 2 two-page game boards (one is printer-friendly).


Students’ are to answer the key signature card correctly.  If they do, they roll a die and move that many spaces forward.

If they are wrong, they do not get to roll the die and the play goes to the next person.

If you would like to make the game more exciting, add this rule: if a student answers the question wrong, they have to move backwards 2 spaces!

This resource includes:

  • 17-page pdf

  • instruction sheet

  • 45 key signature cards

  • 3 bonus gameplay cards

  • optional printable backing

  • 2 two-page game boards (one is printer-friendly)

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