Digital Resource Organization Spreadsheet


This is a spreadsheet that will help you organize your digital teaching resources in your studio.

I was drowning in digital downloads and struggling to find resources on my computer when I realized there had to be a better way to organize all of the digital files I have for teaching. With that, the seed was planted and I created a simple spreadsheet where I can find all of my teaching resources.

You can’t keep something like this to yourself, right? 😉 I’ve added it to the shop, and this spreadsheet will help you stay organized, find the resources that you need, and save you money.

The File allows you to customize the input fields that work for you.  I have included:  Resource Title, Level Dropdown, Skill Covered Dropdown, Resource Type Dropdown, and Purchased From Dropdowns.

I’ve also included How-to videos that demonstrate how to add in your own custom columns!

This resource includes:

  •  Instruction PDF

  •  Google Sheets, Excel, and Open Document Formats

  •  How-to Videos


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