Who wants to take boring piano lessons like the ones you took as a child?

I can tell ya one thing, we don’t teach those types of lessons around here. 

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What is an integrated teaching approach?

Integrated music teaching is based on a set of 3 foundational pillars:

  1. Student-first teaching
  2. Multi-modal assessment
  3. Continuous curiosity

And is delivered through a 3-step teaching process, which will initially be teacher-led, but eventually we hope our students will start taking the lead:

  1. Analyse the repertoire
  2. Find the connections
  3. Plan the integration activities

What will you learn?

Reading Music

Yep. We still teach notation. We couldn’t get rid of ALL of the old teaching techniques.

Lead Sheets & Chord Charts

What are those? Well, if you ever want to “jam” with your friends around a campfire or in the garage, you better know about these. 


While it’s not required, everyone wants to join in on our recitals. 
Don’t worry parents, recitals are usually under 30 minutes. 


Most kids want to tinker around and make up their own song. Why now learn how to write a song from scratch?

Exploring Other Instruments

While learning one instrument is great, our students get to explore over 30 different instruments and how they connect with one another.

Music Games

That’s right, we play games to reinforce the musical concepts being taught. Trust us, these games help students actually remember things. 

Are you ready to start your EPIC musical Journey?

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Students will enjoy much more varied musical experiences and be able to showcase their own creations to the world through:

  • 12 Bar Blues
  • 4 Chord Composing
  • Lead Sheets
  • Improvising
  • Playing By Ear
  • Playing Pop Songs 

Playing an instrument takes effort & time.  Your efforts, combined with engaging lessons, and proven practice strategies promise success on and off the bench.

Reading, theory, writing, composing, and creativity are all apart of playing an instrument and your lessons are carefully crafted to suit your learning styles and interest.

Learning any instrument is a team effort and if everyone joins in, it is a rewarding experience for all!  Collaboration between the teacher, student, and their family is key to progress.   When progress is being made, motivation kicks in which then inspires more practice and more practice means more progress.  We call this “the magical loop”.

How do you get into “the magical loop”?

  • Consistent lesson attendance
  • Smart practice strategies implemented at home
  • Regular home practice

Engaging repertoire is a key factor to motivation!  Music choices will be made primarily by the student with the teacher providing selections and guidance.

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