Let me guess… You grew up learning to play the piano, fell in love, and started toying with the crazy idea…

“Maybe I could make a living teaching piano (or maybe even the flute?).”

Uhhh…. Did we just become best friends? Yep!

Lovely to meet you

I’m Tara

(it’s like pterodactyl)

Piano Teacher | Web Designer | Crazy Dreams Enthusiast | Ostrich Owner

I’m gonna guess…

You feel stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to running your music studio.

You are tired of dull and boring lessons. Students not practicing.  When you started teaching piano, you had no idea you would need to be a web designer, social media guru, CEO, and an accountant. (Let’s be honest, sometimes a plumber too.)

…. And now you’re figuring out your next steps.

Being a music educator CAN be a rewarding experience for you and your students. 

Using creativity

Inspiring young minds

Being your own boss  

Working on your own schedule

(“Well hello 9am CrossFit class”)

But you have some fears


“Who is going to take me seriously, I didn’t get a degree in piano pedagogy.”

“I have no idea how to teach differently than I was taught”

“I have no idea how to run a business”

“A website? I know I need one but I have no idea where to start.”

Oh friend, I sooo get it.  I was in your exact same shoes. (If you know me, you know boots are more my thing.)

Let me tell you my story

To be honest, it all started WAY back… when I was in fifth grade…

That was the year that students could finally join the band program. (I wanted to be a RockStar drummer since I was 3.)  I could not wait to finally have my DREAMS. COME. TRUE.

Well, the assistant band director told me I couldn’t do drums because there were already too many kids doing percussion and I needed to pick a different instrument.


Fast forward through the first semester… I picked the flute (because they were in the front row)… and I also MAY have skipped class the entire semester. 

Needless to say… my parents found out and made me go to class. 

The first day I went to class, I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was sitting at the end of the flute section (next to my soon-to-be best friend) and the band director was offering piano lessons. 

From that day on… my life changed. 


Now, I won’t go through all the nitty-gritty details about that assistant band director (maybe one day I’ll dish the goods on the podcast) but thanks to him, I KNEW I needed to be a music educator. 

I knew I needed to make a positive impact on students. 

The road to a successful studio was winding and bumpy but we finally got there!


Studied photography and genetic engineering in college

Worked as a bridal consultant and wedding planner for over a decade

Taught at a local music school and did travel teaching

Ran a multi-teacher/multi-instrument studio

Managed a multi-million dollar music store with multiple locations

Learned how to design and manage websites

Developed my own unique teaching style

Started an ostrich farm

Created teaching resources for other educators

Became the content/socials/marketplace manager for TopMusic

Whew, what a long and rewarding road travelled thus far, but I found I had a problem on my hands.

That’s when I switched over to teaching my business, teaching, and web design skills to other educators.

Today, My Resources Have Impacted Thousands

Around the World!

Somehow I managed to do it all.  (Oh and I did get to play the drums eventually!)

So if you’re ready to chase your dream and build a thriving music education studio, then I’m going to be the best Cheer Mom you’ve ever had!

Building a job that works with your work-life balance dreams (not against them)?  I’m here for it! I’ve done it! And I’ll show you how to as well!

My Why?

Knowing that everyone ought to be equipped with the knowledge and abilities to thrive independently is what keeps me going.

And that means we can stop wishing for better times or pleading for a pay bump. 

To improve your life in exceptional ways, all you need is a little education, a dash of practice, and maybe a cup of coffee. 

I teach aspiring music educators about the most essential ingredients to create a life they love: 

✓The skills to build a fabulous website that will attract their ideal clients

✓Resources that will turn boring and outdated lessons into lessons students rant and rave about

✓All of the nitty-gritty behind the scenes of running a business

If you’re looking for a mentor who provides empowering, achievable, step-by-step courses, and resources for your music studio, then I’m your girl! 

So if you’re a music educator with a dream of building a thriving music studio then join our mailing list.

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