Top 10 Strategies to Grow Your Studio

One of the hardest parts about teaching music lessons isn’t teaching but it’s actually the business side of the business.  One of the most common questions I see is “How do I grow my music studio?”.

Keep reading to learn how I successfully built my studio and continue to have a long waiting list!

Have an Online Presence

Years ago, piano teachers would never think about having a website or being listed on Google but today, it’s a necessity.  In today’s world, if someone is in search of a product or a service, they search in google. Make sure to create a business listing on google.  It’s simple and it’s free.

Create a business Facebook page and be active!  Parents contact me the most through Facebook when they are inquiring about lessons.

Join community groups on Facebook. Look for local town groups and mom groups.  Try to be active in these groups by answering questions and making your name known. When someone asks about music lessons, you can send them a message and if other parents, friends, or family are in the groups they can also recommend you! I have a waiting list thanks to our local moms group!

Join your local Chamber of Commerce

This is a FANTASTIC way to network with other business owners in your community.  Usually the Chamber of Commerce has different meetings and events you can attend throughout the day that will suit your schedule.  Local businesses love supporting other local businesses AND they interact with others in the community. It’s a great way to get your name known so they can recommend you.  The first meeting I went to, I signed up THREE new students and there were only ten people in the room! 

School/Home School Fairs

This is an area that is a bit harder to find.  Contact your local schools and ask if they have a school fair where local businesses can set up a booth. If you are fortunate to find a fair, make sure to set up a fun activity for kids. I have brought instruments for kids to play and I even set up a photo booth!

Photo Booth

If you do set up a photo booth, take pictures of the students and let the parents know you will post the pictures to your Studio Facebook Page.

Gift Baskets/Gift Certificates for Fundraisers

I get approached almost every week from a church, school organization, or a local charity asking for a donation for trivia nights, silent auctions, and other events in our community.  For these fundraisers, I donate music lessons for *New Students Only*. The reason I put new students only is because I have had currently enrolled students purchase gift certificates and use them towards tuition but we are wanting to get new students.  80% of our students who start lessons from the gift certificate continue on with lessons.


If you have a local bulletin board you can post a flyer on, I highly recommend doing that. Check out local libraries, grocery stores, coffee shops, and banks to see if they have a posting area.

Make an Impression on Local Businesses

Make a gift bag to take to other businesses around your neighborhood.  Make sure to include something they would use like chocolate, donuts, or coffee/tea (who doesn’t love those things?) Also include a little note about your studio with your contact information.  The point is to make an impression. If you just hand out business cards, they will toss them or not pay attention to them but if you send a small gift, they will be sure to remember you! This is also a great way to get adult students who work near your studio.

The NINE Word Email

This is by far one of my favorites to talk about because it is SO SIMPLE and yet it has been the MOST effective marketing tool I have ever used.   If you have an email list of past clients or inquiries, send out this simple email “Are you interested in music lessons?”  That’s it! In the subject line type “touching base”. Then, hit send. This simple email that took me less than a minute to make was my highest performing email to date!  I also signed up over 30 students within a week!!!!

Word Of Mouth

Although I have used ALL of these marketing tools and they have ALL worked for me, the best way to gain new students is by word of mouth from your current clients.  Sometimes our clients don’t know we are wanting to expand our business and it is important to tell them. Let your current students know that you have a goal to get X amount of students enrolled in your studio by X date and ask them to help you!  Parents will spread the word to people they know.  

Get Your Students to Recruit New Clients

Years ago, I paid my students (not their parents) to bring in their friends for music lessons.  For every student they brought in, I would pay them! Let me tell you, our students have friends and they want to make money!

Bring a Friend to Class

This can tie in with the last idea, although I have used them separately.  Host a “Bring a friend to lessons week” in your studio. Let your students know a few weeks in advance that you want them to invite a friend or two to come to lessons.  What would you do for that lesson? Teach the kids how to play a song together. I highly recommend I love coffee from Piano Safari! If your student is advanced enough, I would teach them the teacher part and you can work on that piece in the weeks leading up to the big week!  That will get your students excited about the coming lesson. I also recommend playing a music game such as note speed!

Have you used any of these marketing tools before or do you have a favorite that you like to use?  Let us know in the comments below.  

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