The Ones Who Got Me Here

Can you believe I’ve been teaching 13 years!?!?!  So many things have happened during that time.

I graduated high school, college, worked at FIVE bridal salons, became a wedding planner (but not for my own as that hasn’t happened yet),  but through it all, I NEVER stopped teaching.

I am so glad that I can say I am “Living the Dream” but I definitely didn’t get here alone.

From my parents who supported me learning music, purchasing instruments, spending thousands on lessons, and driving me to all of my music activities.  To my grandparents and greatgrandma for attending the concerts and letting me keep my keyboard at their house for years.  To Dr.  Hyde for teaching me for TWELVE years (even when I was THAT student who NEVER practiced), and even providing me the opportunity to teach at such a young age.  To my friends who played music with me.  To those that never thought I could.  To the students I’ve had over the years.  To the parents of my students, without your referrals, I never would have gotten here.  To all of my music ed. friends, I couldn’t forget all of you.

I thank all of you for getting me here!


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