Studio Wide Practice Incentive Challenge- Spring Theme

The studio wide practice challenge that will make your students “blossom”.

Are you having spring fever yet?  This year, we have been pretty fortunate and the weather has been on the warmer side but I am ready for spring!  My blue and silver stage theme will start to come down and our bright cheery flowers will make their way to the stage.

This year, I decided it was time I bring back a studio wide practice challenge (just in time for recital prep)!  I will be using a flower theme to match the floral walls that will be on the stage and in the studio.

If you are interested in running a studio wide practice challenge that will be easy AND adaptable for each student (and for every instrument), I’ve got it all for you!

How It Works

You will assign goals for each student to work on each week (I typically assign 3-5 goals per student).  If the student accomplishes the goal by the following week, we color a petal on their flower for each goal that they reached.  

Once they complete an entire flower, they are entered to win the big prize at the end of the program!  

It’s that simple.

This flower incentive program works great for multi-instrument and multi-teacher studios because each goal is geared towards each individual student.  

What you will need:

  • Copies of Flowers: You can get yours in a download here.  There are a couple of size options for you to choose from.  You can either choose to print them on white paper and have the students color each petal OR you could print these out on colorful paper and cut out each petal and then reattach with double sided tape.  

This year I have decided to print the flowers out and let students color or decorate each petal because it’s less cutting and hassle for me. That’s what I call a win!  If you do want to print the flowers out on colorful paper, ask one of your older students if they would like to take a stack home and cut them out for you.  

  • Tacks or double sided tape to hang the flowers on your wall (or a bulletin board or a foam poster board).
  • Promotional Materials:  Studio wide incentive programs work really well when you “advertise” the big event.  In our Flower Incentive Download you will find a printable flyer to hang around the studio. 
  • If you are interested in posting images to social media, join our Melodic Mentors Group. You will find pictures sized for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Decorations: Decorating your studio also helps kids get excited for the practice challenge.  Last year, I bought flowers at Dollar Tree and then hung them on the wall with colorful tacks that I also found at Dollar Tree.  
  • Last year I made a couple photo frames that matched the flowers on the wall. This year I will definitely reuse those frames but I also made a photo prop just for you!  You’ll find it in our teachers group Melodic Mentors Group.    
  • The Big Prize: In the past I have ordered small prizes from Oriental Trading and purchased prizes at Dollar Tree.  You can also give gift cards or this Nanoblock Piano.

If you would like to join me this spring with a studio wide practice challenge, you can get ALL OF MY MATERIALS Here!  I included assignment sheets (that include 5 spaces for weekly goals), two sizes of flowers for you to use (whether you are coloring or cutting/taping the petals), and advertising materials to get students excited! 

Make sure to grab your Flower Download for this spring and you will also be notified when our next post in the series is posted!  You don’t want to miss how we get our parents involved in practice at home!

Do you get tired of saying “play it again”? Here is a quick and easy “how to” that will change the way you look at repetition. 

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