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Do you have a favorite game YOU play in your studio? I have had hundreds of games over the years but there’s only been a few that I called my “go to” games. 

One of the first games that I ever made was called “Bang!” By Joy Morin. Joy had a wonderful idea based off of a game she saw on Pinterest called Bang! Which is a sight word game for children. 

The game objective is to collect as many cards as you can by clapping the rhythms correctly BUT if you draw a Bang! card, you must discard all of your cards! 

After eight years of playing the Bang! Game, I knew I needed to put a little twist on the game and make the rhythms relevant. So, Chicken Rhythms was born!

If you want to try my creation in your studio, keep reading.

Rhythms can be fun

Chicken Rhythm Game

I wish I had a catchy name for this game but “it is what it is”. In our studio, we include rubber chickens (not required) and our favorite rhythm cards and that is it! 

It’s easy, simple, and highly effective. That is why I love it and students always request it. 

The game objective remains the same: collect the most cards by the end of the game. The twist is that we have chicken cards! If you draw a chicken, you have to discard all of your cards and I let students squeak the chicken! 

Any rhythm cards will work for this game but I was tired of using rhythm cards that didn’t correspond to the rhythms students were playing in their songs. Since most students were using the Piano Pronto Series, I created rhythm cards that matched each level in the series! 

This has been a win-win game in the studio. Students practice the rhythms from their songs and they even get to squeak the chicken. (It’s kind of a big deal!)

Even though he lost, he still got to squeak the chicken!

If you use Piano Pronto and would like to use rhythms from the series, you can check out these rhythm cards! All you have to do is print them on cardstock and cut out the cards! 

Did I tell you how easy and simple this game is?!

If you would like to know why chickens are a big deal, check out this post which is all about the chicken!

Do you have a favorite Rhythm Game? Let me know in the comments below!

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